REVIEW: Ar-Lin’s Bread Land

For our group review, we decided to go for Ar-Lin’s Bread Land which is located near SHP Bibimbap Cafe & Restaurant and along the streets of DLS-CSB: School of Design and Arts building. It was the most convenient place to make our review because we did not have much money on us during that time. They are a 24/7 bakery which is perfect for your late-night cravings, if you live near the bakery. They offer a huge variety of baked goods like donuts, ensaymada, spanish bread, cinnamon rolls, putok, and a lot more. They also sell canned goods, instant noodles, beverages and chips. The ambiance was alright. It makes you think of your childhood– when you buy your baon before going to school or when your ate/nanay picks you up from school and you head on to the nearest bakery or even when your nanay comes home from somewhere and you always look forward to her pasalubong. Moving on to the price, you really get what you pay for…maybe even more than what you pay for. We all enjoyed the breads and pastries we bought. Buying only one bread is really not enough. It leaves you wanting more and more and more. That’s alright though because they have affordable prices!


  • Service: ØØØØO (4/5)

We were kind of messy when we were buying but they remained patient and accommodating.

  • Price: ØØØØO (4/5)

We did not give it a perfect score because although their prices were really affordable and friendly, some of the products were too small.

  • Taste: ØØØØO (4/5)

Overall good quality baked products but it still kind of lacks something.

  • Ambiance: ØØØOO (3/5)

It was alright, not that good but not that bad either.

  • Overall Experience: ØØØØO (4/5)

Ar-Lin’s Bread Land : 19/25


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